Acknowledgements Jack DeJohnette Homepage

I'd like to thank a few people for great help and encouragment in making Jack DeJohnette discography. Without them it wouldn't exist in so rich form as it is now. Here THEY are:

D.D. Robert Jackson (for his continuous support and big amount of useful infomations, despite having so little time as a musician for such things like WWW discographies)
Look for his first solo album called D. D. Jackson "Peace-Song" (Justin Time) featuring David Murray!!!
He isssued new CD recently and his fame grows with every article. Sometimes You can meet "him" on news group devoted to jazz music: where he talks about new projects and tour dates.
Now he's got brand new Web page with all info. Check it out:

Peter Losin (for most details of Jack's recordings with Miles; frankly speaking - they're taken from Peter Losin's Miles Davis HTML Discography - - at his WWW page...)

Marcel-Franck Simon (for additional help and realy huge & detailed list of Jack's recordings as a sideman)

Bill Hery (for his helpful suggestions and some of entries)

Scott Steele (details on Jack's 'Compost' recordings as well as many other useful things)

Michael Fitzgerald (recordings with Joe Henderson and Kenny Barron. Visit Mike's pages at "Michael Fitzgerald Jazz Research")

Special Thanks to:
Marek Winiarski the owner of GOWI Records and Jazz Compact Store
(for his friendship, neverending help, support, patience and very BIG amount of details).
You can read about GOWI Records release (David Murray/Jazz Baltica Enssemble "Jazz Baltica '92") in DOWN BEAT, June 1995.

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